CHARGE Ambassadors 

Our Ambassador program takes Local Philadelphia athletes or fitness enthusiasts and provides access to training at CHARGE along with those Ambassadors promoting their training at CHARGE and being a leader and promoter of our Philosophy and Mission.

Ambassadors are invited based on, not only their fitness level, but their community service and positive example of fitness.  


Clare loves running. She raced the mile in middle school and slowly built her way up to marathons, ultras, and eventually 100-mile trail races.


Along the way she learned painful lessons in the value of cross-training for injury prevention, but it took time to find a mode of cross-training that was both enjoyable and effective.


Enter Charge: central components of Charge classes, such as lateral movement, core strength, balance, and plyometrics are essential preparation for long days (and nights) running trail. 


"No matter whether it’s fighting, running, or statistics, Lou believes in consistency, scholarship, and dedication to the craft. 


He’s a strong believer in training purpose -- smart training outpaces overtraining. When you’re chasing goals, every effort matters from spine to toes."