Our Program includes On-site group workouts focusing on:


  • Games, teamwork and fair play

  • Training common fitness exercises with proper form and safety

  • Educating on fitness and sports anatomy and the basis for healthy and functional training

  • Body Weight and light equipment is used for games and exercises

  • NO weights, excessive or overly intense exercise will be used

This class is meant to train participants to develop healthy habits and associations with exercise, sports and fitness


When: Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4pm

Where: Meredith School Gymnasium or Recess Yard 

Program dates: January 15th to May 28th | 20 Weeks

Program Cost:

1 Day per week - $125 for 10 Weeks | $200 for all 20 weeks

2 Days per week - $400 for all 20 weeks

(Program only open to enrolled Meredith students)

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