CHARGE is opening its second location in

Graduate Hospital

2241 Grays Ferry Ave


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Personal Training Intro

6 sessions in 21 days - $210

What is CHARGE?

CHARGE was founded in Philadelphia for REAL Philadelphians.


We deliver high quality coaching, strong culture and the best tools in the business in the most Philly of ways.


Right in your neighborhood. Right down the street.
We are your neighbors, your community….Philadelphians.


CHARGE’s philosophy is simple.
YOU are in CHARGE.

It is your body, your fitness and you choose and will always be the one who chooses to make it happen.

YOU are in CHARGE.
Say it again.

Real Fitness for the Modern Human.

It is the 21st century and most modern humans are using technology more than their own body before walking into a gym. So we take a wide variety of conventional fitness tools like weight, cardio, bodyweight along with unconventional tools like Steel Mace, clubs, ropes and more.


Our program teaches Precision and Mastery of these fitness skills before overloading and leaving you in a sweaty puddle.


We guide you and educate you so that your body can grow safely and with less risk of injury, burnout or unsustainably intense workouts. This respects your anatomy, entire lifestyle priorities and the fact that we are not professional athlete but Modern Humans.


We meet you where you are.
We tell it straight and true.
We make YOU in CHARGE.

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