Complete Running Training Camp!

  • 2-3 weekly Group Gym Workouts

  • Mileage and Maintenance Plan

Training includes:


10% of your payment will be donated to

"The best part about CHARGE is Charles' attention to detail.


My form (in both cross training and running) improved greatly from my time spent at CHARGE.


After coming off a previous training season with many injuries, Charles helped me train smarter... which led to no injuries AND a marathon PR!"

  • Develop Healthy and Injury Preventative training and maintenance tactics

  • Increased Power and Speed 

  • Improved Endurance and Gait Control


All workouts will be led by

USATF Coach Charles Scogna

Saturday March 4th to Thursday May 4th

Classes - Mon/Thurs 6:30pm | Sat 10:30am

Weekly Group Run - TBD


"Working out with Charles was great.


The exercises we worked on came in handy during certain parts of my races and I was able to push through with little pain.


I enjoyed the fact that the exercises evolved as we got closer to my races and made me a stronger runner."

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