CHARGE is a training facility and community. 


We use  


training tools to offer fitness to the



Our community ranges from

the beginner new to fitness or trying a couch to 5K,

to dedicated long-term gym go-ers, weekend warriors or runners training for their next marathon.


Some of our members are getting in shape for their wedding, coming back from an injury or coming off a fad diet or exercise system. 

We are NOT a METHOD. 



 that integrates fitness in an impactful and sustainable

way as part of your lifestyle in our


This happens by TEACHING you and providing the SKILLSETS necessary for your long-term success. 


Training & Services

Group Fitness Classes
Personal Training
Mace and Club Training
Corporate Wellness+Events
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Client Success

Each session focuses on something specific whether flexibility, core strengthening or lower body.  


I am continually impressed with the range of exercises we use......I consistently feel like I am accomplishing something when I finish each session.  


Though I would sign up for a gym membership here and there, I never took getting into shape as seriously as I have since starting at CHARGE.
 I got into a solid routine and made a point of it to push myself to get into shape. 


Prior to CHARGE, I tried every fad diet to lose weight and a few different workout programs,  without success.
Since I started at CHARGE almost 2 months ago, I feel more energized, I sleep better and I look forward to working out!



Our Trainers

Charles Scogna 

Charles  is the Founder of Charge Performance and Wellness and has dedicated over half his life to fitness. 


He views fitness as an opportunity for humans to regain full capability of their bodies starting with understanding the body, piecing together essential movements, posture, coordination, and neuromuscular control and complexity to make the mind sharp and limitless in moving the body. 

Charles combines weightlifting, cardio, bodyweight and primal movements, club and mace training, breath work, spatial awareness and strength and conditioning tools like ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands and sleds to get the job done.  


Expect a wide variety of movements and workouts!

Charles is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Olympic Lifting Coach, a USA Track and Field Running Coach, and an ONNIT Certified Steel Mace Specialist. 

 “Humans are made to move but society has us sitting still."                                                                  - Charles Scogna

Jamie Pinto

Jamie began his fitness journey at 21 while learning basic lifts and building muscle in his uncle's basement. After moving on to various commercial gyms and experiencing a wider variety of training options, he began researching books and online sources for more inspiration and knowledge. At 30, he delved into yoga to supplement to weight training and made fitness the focal point of his daily life.


In his mid 30’s, Jamie became certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and shortly thereafter began a mentorship with a  former NBA Strength Coach. He had gained a clear vision on how, what, and when to train and recover and then went on to earn a certification in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), which is becoming the Gold Standard mobility protocol in professional sports.


From there, Jamie moved on to pursue his peak passion; the Steel Mace. Using this as his choice of conditioning modality he practices daily and is certified by ONNIT, Rik “Mr. Maceman” Brown, and Leo Savage the creator of Steel Mace Flow. 


All in all Jamie is a one stop shop for total body fitness.


928 Christian Street


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147


Tel: 215-922-3000

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