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What is CHARGE?



CHARGE was founded inPhiladelphia for REALPhiladelphians.
We are your neighbors, yourcommunity...Philadelphians.


What We Offer
Group and Personal Training
High Quality Coaching
Strong Culture
The Best Tools in The Business

CHARGE’s philosophy is simple.
It is your body, your fitness and you will always make the choice to improve it. We are here to make sure YOU are in CHARGE

Real Fitness for the Modern Human

In the 21st century, most humans use technology in more ways than their own body. In the gym, our program teachesPrecision and Mastery of a wide variety of fitness skills.


We avoid overloading and leaving you in a sweaty puddle so your body can grow safely with less risk of injury, burnout or unsustainably intense workouts.  


This respects your anatomy, entire lifestyle priorities and the fact that we are not professional athletes but Modern Humans.


We meet you where you are.

We tell it straight and true.

We make YOU in CHARGE

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"Each session focuses on something specific whether flexibility, core strengthening or lower body.  


I am continually impressed with the range of exercises we use and consistently feel like I am accomplishing something when I finish each session. "


"Though I would sign up for a gym membership here and there, I never took getting into shape as seriously as I have since starting at CHARGE.
 I got into a solid routine and made a point of it to push myself to get into shape."


"Prior to CHARGE, I tried every fad diet to lose weight and a few different workout programs,  without success.
Since I started at CHARGE almost 2 months ago, I feel more energized, I sleep better and I look forward to working out!"

Charles Scogna is the Founder of Charge Performance and Wellness and has dedicated over half his life to fitness. 


He views fitness as an opportunity for humans to regain full capability of their bodies starting with understanding the body, piecing together essential movements, posture, coordination, and neuromuscular control and complexity to make the mind sharp and limitless in moving the body. 

Charles combines weightlifting, cardio, bodyweight and primal movements, club and mace training, breath work, spatial awareness and strength and conditioning tools like ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands and sleds to get the job done.  


Expect a wide variety of movements and workouts!

Charles is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Olympic Lifting Coach, a USA Track and Field Running Coach, and an ONNIT Certified Steel Mace Specialist. 

 “Humans are made to move but society has us sitting still." - Charles Scogna

Tel: 215-922-3000


928 Christian St. Bsmt. Phila., PA 19147

* Entrance on Delhi St.


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